About Us


What We Do

We provide creative and customized open-source and cloud solutions to clients around the world, creating things that get attention and meaningful. We solve real-world problems  backed with our consulting experience to  maximize your return of investment and enhance productivity to focus on what matters.

Our History

NaptaSoft LLC started up as a technology consulting service company specialized in transforming organizations and businesses by  providing implementation , and integration of mainly Open Source Solutions in addition to some other commercial technologies. Our team come together  because we  believe the adoption of such technology will inspire innovation and derive more contribution to the open source community. Our core value as company not to be just  sell a software but creating solutions that solve business problems and meet their goals. Additionally , our employees and consultants have lots of experience in Open Source Solutions and certified in Linux operating systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire organizations and businesses to adopt a new kind of prospective when thinking about their products.Open Source technologies have alot of benefits to offer; as businesses increasingly rely on technology to innovate , automate, enhance their efficiency and solve their problems.There are many reasons why Open Source is effectively becoming more inevitable:

1. Lack of licensing fees.

2. Cleanrer Software

3. Buisness Acceleration

4. Easier to Customize

5. Workforce Motivation

6. No Need to Re-invent the wheel