Tamir Suliman

Tamir Suliman

Security Services

1.Linux Operating Systems Security Tuning Its very essential to secure your Linux operating system since its where all your applications run.What we can do : 1. Review User Accounts 2. Review the policies implemented 3. Review File Systems Permissions 4. Review your Operating Systems Services. 2.Host Intrusion Detection

Software Services

Our company provides Open Source Consulting , Website Design and CMS Deployments , Installation , and Integration.Some of the software we currently support : I.Human Resource Management System: ICE HRMs Senterifugo II.Web Content Management Systems WordPress III. Open Source Consulting We take your current infrastructure and transform it in to a

Technical Solutions

Event logs provide historical information that can help you track down system and security problems.This will provide you a great insight in to your current infrastructure to mitigate problems that can cause down-time and security issues. We currently support solutions for the following log sources: a. Windows Event Logs

Linux Systems Support

At NaptaSoft, we understand that digital transformation begins with the right operating system. That's why we believe that Linux is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance their productivity. Linux operating systems are renowned for their reliability, stability, and security, making them the preferred choice

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